Celebrities: The Marmite Theory

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Not to mention watch it, hear it, and everything else you can possibly think of.

The world of celebrity is everywhere, which is why it is called a world obviously, and is rapidly growing with the number of reality shows out there. Although not everyone is a fan of celebrities. In fact, it is very much like marmite.

If you don’t believe me, maybe these arguments may persuade you.

Love Or Hate Relationship
I have already briefly covered this but the infamous marmite slogan applies to celebrities too.

They’re Everywhere
Again, I have already covered this, but it still counts. We see marmite all the time when we go to our local supermarkets or often see a TV ad. Celebrities are having the same effect but at a bigger scale due to the number of mediums we find them in. Celebrities are spread even further than marmite.


They Were Created By Accident
Apparently marmite was made by accident. Did we intentionally make celebrities more important than their products like films, fashion labels or anything else we try to sell?


They Are Idolised
Marmite lovers idolise it as much as we idolise celebrities. We love them so much we tend to go a little overboard to show our appreciation like getting tattoos dedicated to them.


They Are Good For You
Marmite is supposedly healthy for you. Whereas people read up on celebrity news to escape from their own dramas, making them feel better about themselves. However stresses of our lives are overshadowed by the dramas of celebrity scandals and reality TV.


We Are Changing Our Names After Them
People have shared so much love for either marmite or celebrities, or maybe even both. To share their commitment and passion to the commodity, people have legally changed their name by deed poll as a declaration of their appreciation for celebrities… and marmite.

Mr Marmite! Saire May, or Saire Marmite as he is now known, has changed his name by deed poll to support the End Marmite Neglect campaign.

Do you agree with the marmite theory? Share your views by tweeting #marmitetheory or leave your comments below.


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