Five reasons why we shouldn’t let our parents use Facebook

When your parents asked you to help them make a Facebook account, you should have thought:

Stalking isn’t the only problem that comes from having your parents on Facebook. In fact, it’s just the beginning.

Let’s take a look at why it’s not necessarily a good idea for your parents to use Facebook.

Parents on Facebook = Stalkers
Parents are often checking out who you are spending time with these days. It can be embarrassing when your date is getting a friend request from a parent before the date even happens.

Parents on Facebook = Spies
Parents love to spend their time on Facebook spying on their children, not just their friends. Facebook comes in handy for parents to make sure you aren’t doing what you promised not to do.

Unwanted photos shared by your parents
Not everything should be shared with your friends. Those embarrassing baby photos you didn’t want your friends to see can still creep up on you when you see them appearing on Facebook by getting that dreaded notification saying one of your parents tagged you in a photo.

Finding something they shouldn’t see
Embarrassing photos can work both ways. I have just mentioned photos that you didn’t want your parents to show. What about pictures you didn’t want them to see?


Keeping a separate life from home can lead to bad consequences.

Shared messages to or about you when you aren’t there
It can be embarrassing to find public messages like this from your mum or dad even they could just send you a message in private…

When you have only just left the house or you are due back home later that day. Imagine what it could be like if you had gone away on holiday or moved out of your parent’s home.

Parents always show how proud they are on Facebook too. They can often post soppy updates describing publically how proud they are of your small achievements great or small.

They always update their statuses with how proud they are of you for any small achievements you make.

Considering the number of parents that are already on Facebook, it may be too late. However my advice, is to change your privacy settings as soon as possible. The more restrictions for your parents, the better it will be for you.

What embarrassing things do your parents get up to on Facebook? Are there any other social media websites we should be watching out for? Do you keep a separate account for your student life? I know I should. Tweet #Facebookparents to share your story or leave your comments below.


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