Friends characters we date in our twenties

Dating can be rough, there’s nothing new there, but dating while in our twenties can be crazy! Sometimes we don’t even realise who our dates remind us of. With this, I’m talking about recognising fictional characters from our favourite TV show.

Today’s examples are from the iconic comedy show Friends. For those who have lived sheltered lives, Friends is a popular ‘90s sitcom about six twenty-somethings struggling with dating, work and other aspects of life.

What if you were dating any a character from Friends without even realising it? Are you in a relationship with a Friend now?

You need to check the list, pronto!

*I must say now that although some of these comments may appear negative, Friends is one of my favourites and wouldn’t change any of these characters for the world.

Phoebe is kinky and has a unique philosophy on life. She may be fun, but can you see a long-term relationship with a Phoebe?

Rachel is new to independent living when you first meet her. Would she be too hard to live with?

Monica likes to take control of your life. She is also a clean freak. You may share Monica’s obsession with cleanliness, but how happy can someone be letting someone control your life?

He may be a smart cookie, but Ross isn’t as witty as he thinks he is. No one likes a know-it-all correcting him or her all the time. Or maybe you do.

Joey may not be wise, but he has the biggest heart. Connecting on an intellectual level does prove to be difficult.

Chandler uses humour as a defence mechanism, especially when it comes to dating. This makes it difficult when you want to have a serious conversion, but life is good when he/she can make you laugh.

David is shy and socially awkward, especially around women. Shy can be cute, but not everyone wears shy well.

Frank Jr.
Young-at-heart Frank knows what he wants in life and isn’t afraid to go for it. Most people are realistic and consider Frank to be strange. Are you a dreamer like Frank Jr.

Janice: irritating, annoying and super clingy. Need I say more? Who ever wants to deal with that?

Rachel’s sisters are superficial and not very caring towards you. Not exactly something we’d want as a partner, but they give great fashion and decorating advice, assuming you can get past the shallow criticisms.

He is beautiful to look at, but Tag doesn’t have much going on upstairs. The conversation could be left one-sided.

Eddie is obsessive and just plain crazy. What a basket case. Someone get a straight jacket!

Young Elizabeth is playful and a free spirit. Which is great when you’re a teenager, but growing into adulthood pulls the reigns and that spirit can be left somewhat diminished.

Sexy-but-dull Chloe has a tendency to sleep with other people’s boyfriends. We may be young and free, but adultery in our twenties is still adultery.

There is always one that you can never get! If it hasn’t happened yet, it will never happen. Dream on you! It’s time to move on with your life.

The rebound guy, that happens to be very familiar to your ex and you’re the only one who can’t see it. Who is the Russ of your dating life?

You quickly realise that your Julio is not as romantic as he claims to be. Your naivety gets the better of you sometimes and people like Julio plays on it every chance they get. No one likes to be taken for a fool.

Marcel is messy. He fights a lot and has problems with hygiene. You wouldn’t want to make him angry, or he will throw faeces at you.

Gladys or Glynnis
That horrible mistake that haunts you for the rest of your life (at least your university life) is your Gladys. Or Glynnis depending on the situation. Which would be the lesser evil?

Hugsy is your comfort blanket who is always there to look after you when you get home. He may not always understand what you are saying or what’s going on, but his heart is in the right place.

Have you dated any Friends characters? Share your story in the comments below.


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