Love Lush


Every girl loves a bit of pampering now and again. To drain away all of the stresses of life, work and other troubles we can do without. However, not everyone has the luxury of disappearing frequently for long weekends away to a remote spa treatment centre, especially me.

So if you want my advice, grab your handbag holding a likely near-empty purse, go down to your nearest Lush shop and grab a gorgeous smelling bath bomb.

If you are not familiar with Lush, then shame on you. Have you been living in a hole or something? On the other hand, congratulations, you have yet to experience the joy every Lush girl (and guy) share. To put it simply, Lush products are lovely to use and friendly on your skin. Without sounding too repetitive, as all Lush fans argue, they are organic, handmade products made with fresh ingredients. Oh, and they aren’t tested on animals so they are ethically viable products; that’s another plus.

Why I particularly love Lush products is not for these reasons alone (although they are beneficial). They make your skin feel and smell amazing just after one use! Full of gorgeous aromas, you can just use one product alone or combine two or even three to create your unique compound. #Bathart has become popular over social media with the us of bright and colourful bath bombs; it has now become an art form thanks to Lush bath bombs and bubble bars. Using either one or a mix and not only create a scentful palette but also a colourful one in the bath. And that’s not all, Lush also have shower gels, bubble bars, bath melts, shampoo, lotions, make-up; pretty much everything you are ever going to need.

It’s not just the products themselves we should note, but also the staff that are very friendly and know their products! The staff in every Lush shop I have attended have always been very hospitable and very knowledgeable about their products. So if you are ever curious to try something new, or have no clue where to start because I have persuaded you to try them out, they will always be willing to help you find your new favourite. If you ask, they will also be willing to give you demonstrations. If you are fortunate to live in London, I would highly recommend the Oxford Street shop as they have three floors of amazing products and typically 200 products exclusive to their store. The top floor has several sinks to demonstrate staff favourite bath bombs.

So there you have it, Lush is the place to go to find your new favourite handmade cosmetics. Don’t forget that you can also order online at; some Oxford Street exclusives occasionally turn up in Lush Kitchen so make sure to check that out too.

Happy Pampering.

K x




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